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"The Pentwater Album"
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Ab-Dul available!! Production was completed for Pentwater's new album "Ab-Dul" at Time Warp Studios, Thundertone Audio, and in Canada at Orsi Digital. New versions of "Entropal Pause", "Turn The Key", "Chasing", a solo piano version of "Kill The Bunny", and a long lost instumental for "Luncheon at the Parade" are were recorded. Also many vintage Pentwater tracks have been restored to their full glory on the new CD.

Phil & Tom wrote the new Pentwater song "You Knew". It features mandolin, e-bow electric guitar, Hammond organ, fretless bass, and vocals by Tom & Mike. Tom came in from Canada to complete the track at Time Warp in Barrington, Il. All six Pentwater members played on this track.

Get you copy of vintage-era Pentwater music alongside of brand new material on, "Ab-Dul". Over 17 tracks, and a 10 page booklet are included on the new CD. Order yours today!!

Fans around the world: Our web site has caught the attention of music fans worldwide. Here are some of the countries and U.S. states where our friends have visited from, or ordered Pentwater CDs:

Worldwide: Chile, Argentina, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Romania, Australia, Denmark, Russian Federation, Indonesia, Austria, Poland, Seychelles, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Mexico, Philippines, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Egypt, Latvia, Sweden, Hungary, Cocos Islands, South Africa, Israel, Ukraine, Ireland, New Zealand, Holland, and the Slovak Republic

In the U.S.: Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Minnesota, Nevada, Texas, Maryland, Florida, Tennesee, Indiana, New York, Montana, California, Virginia, Massachusetts

Ab-Dul session notes:
Ab-du is here! Ron Fox' avante garde composition about the rigors of his daily activities in his music school days,
" Entropal Pause" is included. Tom Orsi recorded material ready for adaptation and arrangement. Other tracks include Orsi's song "Sealed In Today", Ron Lesaar's "Chasing" , and also "Autumn" which Mike Konopka co-wrote with his mother Janet Kappler. It's the only Pentwater song that took over 70 years to complete!

Isn't that Bunny dead yet?
Ken recently recorded a piano version of a Pentwater live show-stopper, "Kill the Bunny" at Ron Fox's Time-Warp studios. Originally conceived and scored as a piano piece, the band's manic arrangement of the instrumental was always an audience favorite and keyboard tour-de-force! It's on Ab-Dul the bands' new CD. The new recording showcases the contrapuntal movement and twisted melodic lines that Ken played live on the percussive Hammond, but here on a crisp Steinway.

The Pentwater Album featured in Progressions Magazine: The remixed and remastered "Pentwater Album" that was originally released in 1977 was reviewed in the #45 issue of Progressions magazine. The new version includes four never before released selections and is currently available on the Beef Record Online page of this site.She Flies Flowing Far Freely!


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