Pentwater's Tom Orsi

Drum kit, cowbell, crank, orchestra bells, roto-toms, timpani,
tubular bells, wood blocks, gong, vibes, lead & backing vocals

On Pentwater's songwriting/music: "It is always exciting to have ambition and aspire and then reach goal after goal and see yourself excel at anything through hard work, but it is downright thrilling to the bone to do it as a close-knit team with your four best friends as we found the best in ourselves as musicians simultaneously in front of appreciative audiences. The complete freedom, random inspiration, and constant on-stage thrills were second to none. I've continued to write and record professionally for 24 years since the band's heyday, 11 of those years performing and touring with other bands and I'm here to say Pentwater was the most musically exciting to be part of, hands down. We always played on the edge of our abilities, forcing the expansion of our collective musical horizons. Though that may sound a bit trite or soundbite-ish, it was quite real."

Favorite personal moment of performance: "Once we backed up Hawkwind and we played an instrumental where I had a drum solo. When that section came up, something made me play as fast as I could as long as I could. During that solo for the first time sight and sound drifted away and I was transported somewhere, and when I came back I was standing up behind the set, arms up, laughing and screaming, puzzled band members, audience going absolutely wild, everything sizzling and electric! And then we went back into "Kill The Bunny" with a vengeance only a hot fire from a great audience can fan! That's the high that drugs dream of but never reach."

Tom underscores a melodic interlude

Favorite band moments of performance: "There are so many, but right now I can think of two: We played a lot of little bars in southern Wisconsin with names like moonowanaooka and itchitchybonbon and on one occasion we set up and performed our butts off in front of like 12 people and we were exceptional that evening; Not a good story but a superior memory. The other would have to be an outdoor concert at a large nudist colony! Yes, there is nothing like handing equipment out to helpful nude young women, playing all afternoon to them and having nude skydivers land in front of us during the drum solo! I was very glad there was a drum set in front of me."

Music: "I'm very glad I started in Prog. Today's commercial music is pure product , which is okay-in fact. It used to get to me, but these days I wish it would get (if possible) more blatantly predictable with lyrics by Hallmark! The more ludicrous commercialism becomes, the sooner the backlash I've been waiting for will begin! Real players without gray hair knocking on the door of the studio again! A bunch of them, with something to say, in one place, in real time! Like LA's next earthquake, it's way overdue!

Tom currently owns and operates Orsi Digital Post, a full service audio post-production facility, where he has composed and engineered for syndicated and network television and film since 1989. He has two wonderful young daughters who have already written and recorded songs and lyrics - and can dance to Tarkus!


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