A very early gig at the "We-Ours" club in
Highland Park, IL. The original "Pentwater
River" sign hangs behind the set.
(l to r: Ron, Mike, Phil)

An early Pentwater Golf Illinois attic promo picture...
(l to r: LeSaar, Goldman, Orsi, Kappel, & Konopka)

Tom Orsi behind the Slingerlands

Ron Fox coaxes a mellow note
from this Gibson classic guitar

Ron LeSaar pounds out the low end on his Ric' while Ken unleashes the next cutting sound from his EML synth.


Mike soloing during "Necropolis" on
electric violin



Ron LeSaar and Mike Konopka double-team another intricate melody at an outdoor gig.

On-stage at B'Ginnings was always a great time...

...for the up-close audience...

...and the band as well!

Mike brings the crowd into a quiet moment...
... as Ken lifts our spirits higher!

That's all from the dusty archives for now..... We're still looking for any fan photos, home movies, or memories of Pentwater on stage, backstage, or any stage of their career! Contact us at and we'll try to get your photos posted here soon!

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